JOIN FORESTPLOTS combines the work and shared vision of thousands of partners across the globe. We all want this collaborative effort to continue and thrive, and so we have a code of conduct that we ask those interested in joining  to first read and sign.


To become a user or data provider for you need to fill in a registration form and accept the code of conduct

  • User: registered participant with access to all open data and additional records as approved by plot data managers and principal investigators (PIs).
  • Principal Investigators (PIs): researchers with overall responsibility for the data or a given plot.
  • Data owner: registered participant who has agreed to uploading data to The terms and conditions of the upload and data sharing are defined by the data owner.
  • Plot data manager: registered participant who is in charge of uploading and updating the plot data and granting different levels of access to their plot data to other users. The plot data manager is in charge of communicating with the database manager. We encourage data owners and PIs to nominate a plot data manager for each plot.

Data categories and management

Open data access simply requires registration. Access and use of additional data is provided by the plot data manager and/or plot PIs once the collaboration has been approved. Permissions to view, edit and upload data are granted on a plot by plot basis.

Plot data managers and PIs have full access to their data so they can view and edit information already stored in the database and upload new data. Basic access level allows the user to view only plot metadata (i.e. not the tree by tree data) for particular plot/plots. Plots with completely restricted access are those for which no user, except the data managers and PIs, can view any of the information.

Database physical location and management

The database is hosted on Microsoft Azure by the University of Leeds and is managed by Aurora Levesley (School of Geography). Download activity is recorded by

The role of the database manager and the database team is to facilitate information exchange among scientists. Decisions on access to data rest with the plot data manager and PIs.

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