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We have compiled a selection of useful resources to help you learn about field work, use or just to aid you in general with your research.

Quality Control

Here we provide a check list to help you keep track of each quality control check. The 'tracker headers' worksheet summarize the steps for the quality control checks   

Import Vouchers

This video will help you import new vouchers to trees/lianas in plots available to the taxon manager and plot editor
Read this Guide on How to Import Vouchers

Upload a New Tree Census

Import Vouchers (12.15)

Updating Determinations

These 2 NEW videos will help you Update your tree/liana and voucher determinations for plots available to the taxon manager or plot editor.
Read this Guide to Updating Determinations

Uploading a new plot

Updating Determinations: Preparing the template (14.27)

Updating Determinations: Uploading the template (10.40) 

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